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Sri Jyotipriya Mallick , Chairman
Contact No. : 033-2252-0110                                            E-mail :
Shri Dr. A. Subbiah 
Managing Director

Contact No. : +3322552 9963                                            E-mail :
Smt. Debahuti Bhowmik (Chattopadhyay) WBCS(Exe.)
Chief General Manager W.B.E.C.S.C. Ltd. & Additional Secretary, Food & Supplies Deptt.
Shri Purnendu Biswas, WBA&AS  (General Manager)
All matters relating to Finance Divn., Audit Matters, Loan, Banking, All Payment related matters

Contact No. : 7003186435                                                 E-mail :
Smt. Sourashmi Mitra, WBCS(Exe.) (General Manager)
GA, Vehicles, Office supplies, Establishment, Leave & Service Book, Recruitment, Attendance matters of All officers & staff of HQ and also Districts, Vigilance, RTI/SPIO, Public Grievance/CMO Grievance Portal

Contact No. : 97003186439                                                   E-mail :
Smt. Gitanjali Sengupta, WBF&SS (General Manager)
All Supplies to different Govt. Departments / Schemes like ICDS, MDM, Maa Canteen, Relief,  Special Package etc. and new supply opportunities to any Govt. Deptt.  SMT, EORPP, IT Matters, Legal & Exim., Sugar.

Contact No. : 97003186442                                                  E-mail :
Shri Abir Kumar Bali, WBF&SS (General Manager)
Paddy Procurement, Jute Bags Procurement, Roudra Bristi
Contact No. : 97003186440                                                   E-mail :
Smt. Krishna Dey (Company Secretary)
Company Secretary
Contact No. : 7003186449                                             E-mail :
Shri Ashis Chatterjee, WBA&AS (Dy. General Manager)
Accounts Division

Contact No. : 7003186453                                             E-mail :
Smt. Paayel Datta (Dy. General Manager)
Accounts Division

Contact No. : 7003186413                                             E-mail :
Shri Anandadip Chowdhury (Dy. General Manager)
Estt. Matters, Leave Cell & Service Book, Vigilance, Direct Recruitment, RTI/SPIO, Legal & Exam Matters, Sugar, IT Matters

Contact No. : 7003186468                                            
Shri Sumanta Pal Chowdhury (Dy. General Manager)
ICDS, PDS/Non-PDS/ Special PDS, Roudra Bristi , Relief, Cement,PWD Matters, EORPP

Contact No. : 7003186458                                              E-mail :
Shri Girish Kumar Mondal (Dy. General Manager)
General Administration including Vehicle, Mid-day Meal, Jute Bag Procurement, SMT, Public Grievances/ CMO Grievance Portal

Contact No. : 7003186412                                              E-mail :
Smt. Somdutta Roy (Dy. General Manager)
Coordinate matters related to Bill Payments to Rice Mills, SHGs, Societies, FPOs under Procurement Division, Checking of Muster Rolls and other related documents, Farmers’ payment-related matters

Contact No. : 7003186455                                             E-mail :
Shri Arnab Chatterjee (Dy. General Manager)
All Administrative matters related to Paddy Procurement and Delivery of Rice, Registration of Societies, Mills etc., Farmers’ payment-related matters

Contact No. : 7003186473                                              E-mail :
Shri Vinay Kumar Sharma (Dy. General Manager)
Accounts Division

Contact No. : 9674046121                                              E-mail :
Shri Partha Pratim Chaudhury (Dy. General Manager)
Accounts Division

Contact No. : 7003186449                                              E-mail :
Smt. Arunima Das (Dy. General Manager)
Accounts Division

Contact No. : 7003186448                                             E-mail :
Shri Deepak Hansda (Dy. General Manager)
Roudra Bristi,  Head Quarter

Contact No. : 7439497038                                              E-mail :
Shri Rajarshi Sadhak (Dy. General Manager)
PDS, Relief

Contact No. : 7003186494                                               E-mail :
Shri Mohit Singh (Dy. General Manager)
Accounts Division

Contact No. : 7003186495                                             E-mail :
Smt. Sweta Agarwal (Dy. General Manager)
Accounts Division

Contact No. : 9831814234                                             E-mail :
Smt. Sharmila Basu (Legal Advisor)
Court related matters

Contact No. : 7003186490                                           E-mail :
M.D's Confidential Cell
033-2252-9963(0) / 033-2252-3849/0590(F)
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